Terms & Policies


Let's get started . . .

For new consignors, we work by appointment, so please contact us, either by phone or email, and set one up. At your appointment, bring in your clothing and gear and we will open a consignors account for you. We typically set the initial prices for your items, but we do welcome any input and additional information that you may have that will help when pricing.

Clean Gear Sells Quick

All items brought in for consignment must be clean and in full working order. Items with dirt, dust, pet hair, stains, rips, tears, or broken zippers are not acceptable. We ask that all items be in a condition that allows us to immediately offer the item for sale. Any item that requires cleaning or repair is subject to a 20% charge at the time of sale. 

Consignment Periods & Contracts

Items are typically under contract for 60 days. We ask that consignors leave items with us through the duraton of the term. Depending on the items submitted, we do sometimes set up consignment periods to run through an entire season. 

At the end of your contract . . .


 . . . you have three options for any remaining items

  1. Renew your contract. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY  to notify us by the final day of your contract that you wish to renew.   Please be aware that display space as well as the seasonality of  certain items may preclude us from renewing those items.  
  2. Pick-up your items. Again, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to notify us by the final day of your contract that you wish to pick-up your unsold items.
  3. Do nothing. If we are not contacted within 30 days after the end of your contract, your consigned items become the property of Gear Traders and will be moved into the store account. We reserve the right to  donate some or all unclaimed items to local charities of our choice.         

Markdowns & Sales

We try to price items in line with current market values and therefore do not have a specific markdown schedule. We do reserve the right to  markdown any items, at our sole discretion, at any time, without any  prior notice to the consignor.    


Unless otherwise stated, the consignor will receive 50% of the sale price of any item, less any promotional costs, auction fees, credit card fees, or any other expense specific to the sale of the item. Consignor checks are typically distributed at the store, at the end of the contract. You may also request a check before the end of the contract. We will need to be contacted in advance for this option. Checks can be mailed after the contract has ended. We charge $2 for this service and will need to be notified by you, if you choose this option.